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Targus Creek gets redesign

Portuguese wine company Falua Sociedade de Vinhos has unveiled a new label design for Tagus Creek which includes braille and QR technology

The new design has a more contemporary feel with greater focus on the grape varieties in the blend and clearer information on the back label. Information in Braille has also been added for the first time. 

The back label has been re-shaped and includes simple new symbols with short text descriptors to explain more about each wine: the grape varieties in the blend, how it tastes, how it should be stored and serving suggestions.

QR codes have also been added to enable consumers with the latest mobile phones to access instant detailed information about the wines. 
How the technology works

Step one: Download free QR reader software to your phone, e.g. iphone users can download it from the iApps Store.
Step two: Open the software, which automatically opens a camera on your phone.
Step three: Hold your phone up to the QR code and the camera will automatically scan it and take you straight to the url page of technical information.

Each bottle also carries an Avin code, a unique 13 digit number which acts in the same way as an ISBN for books.  Avin codes are forecast to become increasingly used as an easy way for retailers, wine writers and ultimately wine consumers to track, identify and cross reference individual wines.  For example, if a journalist recommends a particular wine and includes the Avin code in the review, consumers can look for the same code on the bottle in store to ensure they are purchasing the correct wine.

Luis Castro, director of Falua Sociedade de Vinhos, explains: “Our aim is to communicate directly and clearly with our consumers to demystify the wines and make them more accessible.  Portuguese wine is still not as widely understood in the UK as other categories, but our research shows that consumers clearly want to learn more.  This new image for Tagus Creek will not only increase shelf standout for the range but also help to educate consumers about Portuguese wines and grape varieties in a way that is engaging and forward-thinking.”

Tagus Creek wines are available in two different blends of red, two of white, and a Rosé, priced from £5.99 in Tesco, Morrisons, Booths & Waitrose.  There is also a Reserve red, available in Morrisons, and a Grande Vinho red, stocked by Waitrose. Tagus Creek is also available at all Nandos restaurants nationwide.



1 May 2010 - Felicity Murray