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Unusual packs from around the world





In an exclusive collaboration with Mintel, The Drinks Report highlights the most interesting new product packaging developments in the alcoholic beverages sector. These are featured as they are discovered in retail outlets across the world and recorded by Mintel's Global New Product Development – Packaging database researchers.

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Make mine a double vodka bottle




New in the US from Adamba Imports International is the Vesica brand of triple distilled potato vodka available in a super-sized 1.75 litre plain glass bottle with a stand-out bulbous and cylindrical look.

The look is inspired by the vesica piscis shape (formed by the intersection of two circles of the same radius when the edge of each circle lies on the center of the other). The one bottle resembles two cylindrical containers joined together with a single, central neck closure closed with an aluminium ROPP cap.

Decoration is provided via screen and flexo printing as well as a holographic shimmer finish on a self-adhesive polypropylene plastic label.

According to the Mintel report, Alcohol Consumption at Home - US - June 2010, over a third of people (35%) in the US look for "packaging that makes consumption convenient and easy" when considering which alcoholic beverage product to purchase for consumption at home, ahead of "the packaging/bottle appears prestigious or sophisticated" (cited by 20% of people) or "the packaging/bottle appears sexy or hip" (cited by 17% of people).

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1 March 2010 - Felicity Murray