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Diageo Rökks US with Swedish vodka launch


Diageo has launched Rökk in the US. Rökk is an award-winning high quality premium-priced vodka from Sweden named after the Rök stone on which the first Swedish literature was chiselled in the 9th Century – the Viking Age. Still standing today, the Rök Stone is the largest and most famous rune-stone. Diageo describes Rökk as a celebration of the bold spirit of the Vikings.

The vodka is four times distilled using European wheat and Swedish spring water and freeze filtered for smoothness.  It was awarded a Double Gold Medal at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. In addition to the base vodka (40% ABV), Rökk will be available in four flavours (35% ABV): Raspberry, Orange, Citrus, and Apple.

1 October 2010 - Felicity Murray