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Salto launches in the UK


The popularity of the Caipirinha in bars and hotspots across the UK has sparked the launch of a new drink – Salto – a flavoured cachaça from Brazil.

The drink takes its name from a town in the heart of Brazil’s foremost cachaça producing region, Sao Paulo. The cachaça spirit is shipped to England from San Paulo where the Salto drink is created through the addition of a proprietary blend of bitter orange, grapefruit and lime, which gives it bitter, zingy, citrus flavours balanced with sweeter honey notes.

At just 24% ABV Salto not only offers consumers a refreshing and accessible drink experience but versatility. It can be sipped over ice, with a squeeze of fresh lime; it makes a refreshing summer drink with fresh lime and a splash of lemonade; it also mixes perfectly with any fruit juice and brings a new citrus edge to cocktails.

The innovators, Mike Spurling and Steve Drawbell, are confident about the brand: “We wanted to create a product that was accessible and refreshing that could capture the energy and excitement of Brazi.”


1 September 2010 - Felicity Murray