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Bruichladdich takes on "Ugly Betty"


Islay whisky distillery Bruichladdich has installed an unusual fifth still. The Lomand is a defunct experimental cross between a Coffey and a pot still. It has a thick column-like neck with removable sections inserted. The plates, like Roman blinds, can be opened and, by varying the angle of the lyne arm, give a lighter or heavier spirit. The aim was to create more character and variety of styles of spirit by imitating the results from stills with different neck lengths.

The first Lomand still was installed in 1956 at Inverleven, part of the Dumbarton grain distillery which was raised to the ground in 2004 but not before Bruichladdich had rescued, among other things, the still, which is now believed to be the only one in existence. Says Mark Reynier, MD Bruichladdich: “It may be the only one of its type left, but she╩╝s no oil painting. Welcome to Ugly Betty.”


The original Lomand still


1 February 2010 - Felicity Murray