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Clear new labelling for Tariquet Armagnacs


There's no mistaking the Château du Tariquet Color Collection of cask strength Bas-Armagnacs as it shows off its striking new modern labels that clearly tell customers exactly what they need to know.

The three Bas-Armagnacs in the range include an 8 year old blend 51.1° (orange label), a 12 year old blend 48.9° (purple label) and a 15 year old 46.8° (green label) made from 100% Folle Blanche that has been awarded gold at several international competitions.

The historical grape variety Folle Blanche (first recorded in 1384) is one of the ten varieties permitted in AOC Armagnac known for its extreme finesse with floral and fruity aromas, yet paradoxically only 5% of vineyards in the official AOC production area grow this grape variety. This is mostly due to the fact that it is a very fragile grape to grow with tightly packed bunches that are prone to disease, therefore requiring extreme care and attention throughout its development and harvesting.

Château du Tariquet manages 25 hectares of the variety, making it the largest area of Folle Blanche grapes owned by a single producer in the Armagnac AOC region.

1 October 2010 - Felicity Murray