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Summer Punch


100ml Jameson
50ml blood orange
50ml pomegranate or cranberry juice
sugar syrup
orange bitters
100ml ginger beer

Mix all the ingredients except the ginger beer in a pitcher. Add cubed ice and garnish with slices of blood orange, mint leaves and assorted berries. Top up with ginger beer Mint Julep

50ml Jameson
5ml gomme
34 mint sprigs
Dash of water

Lightly muddle mint sprigs, gomme and a dash of water in a lowball glass.
Fill the glass with crushed ice and add 50ml Jameson.
Cap with more crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig Emerald Pressé

35ml Jameson
15ml kiwi liqueur
15ml lemon juice
10ml gomme
Half a kiwi fruit
25ml cloudy apple juice
Soda water

In a lowball glass, lightly muddle the kiwi, lemon juice and gomme syrup.
Add cubed ice, Jameson Irish whiskey and kiwi liqueur, cloudy apple juice and top up with soda

1 July 2010 - Felicity Murray