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Holographic images are now possible on cans

Crown Speciality Packaging Europe, a business unit of Crown Holdings in the US (, has launched HoloCrown holographic foil technology – a first for metal packaging. The technique allows holographic images to be stamped directly on decorative metal tins, helping brand owners capture consumer attention and minimize the risk of product counterfeiting.

"The holographic foil effect is the perfect tool for brands looking to 'wow' consumers at the point of sale," says Matt Twiss, European Sales Director - Consumer Products, Crown Speciality Packaging Europe. "Crown is providing a real competitive advantage to brands and retailers with this proprietary technology."

Crown's holographic foil technology uses the diffraction of light from the design on the tin to create a three-dimensional image that continuously changes position and colour. With a large range of different hologram designs available and the possibility of using a combination of these on one package, brand owners can create a multitude of unique tins, ideal for eye-catching promotions and displays.

The holographic foil can be applied to focused areas of the tin to highlight specific parts of the design such as the logo, individual images, or shapes in the design. It can be applied to shaped tins of any kind, including round, oval, square, rectangular and octagonal packages.

The new technology also helps protect brands against product counterfeiting. "Crown uses a specialised design that is very difficult to reproduce due to its complexity and sophistication," adds Twiss.

The holographic foil technology helps brand owners address the challenge of adding a luxury feel to products while offering a solution that satisfies consumer demand for sustainable packaging. Metal is the most recyclable material available, and the metal from stamped tins can be recycled in existing recycling streams again and again, with no degradation in its performance.



1 May 2011 - Felicity Murray