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Total Wine & More joins Terracycle programme

Nomacorc, the global market leader in the alternative wine closure category, has announced that Total Wine & More, a leading independent source of fine wine, spirits and beer, has become the first national retail chain to participate in the TerraCycle Cork Brigade, a programme that collects Nomacorc wine closures and ‘upcycles’ them into unique consumer products.

Total Wine & More, with 73 wine superstores across 11 US states, will place collection bins in select stores in which consumers can deposit used Nomacorc closures, along with other synthetic and natural wine corks. The closures will be turned over to TerraCycle to be upcycled into eco-friendly cork boards produced via low-energy-consumption means.

“We are thrilled to team up with TerraCycle, Nomacorc and other retailers to promote environmental sustainability in the wine industry,” said David Trone, co-owner and president of Total Wine & More. “Our participation provides a convenient way for our customers to be mindful of the environment.”

Total Wine & More is implementing the collection programme in its California stores in April and plans to expand to other markets throughout 2011.

As TerraCycle’s exclusive wine closure partner, Nomacorc is leading the effort to incorporate additional retail and winery sponsors in the upcycling programme. Total Wine & More joins current retail partners Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits. Together, the organisations have already diverted millions of closures from landfill.

“We are so pleased with the early success of this initiative,” said Malcolm Thompson, global vice president of marketing and innovation for Nomacorc. “Nomacorc takes its responsibility as an environmental steward seriously, and so do our retail partners and consumers. The addition of Total Wine & More to this program will help make an even bigger impact.”

About Nomacorc
Nomacorc is a worldwide leader in wine closures and the No. 1 closure brand for still wines in manycountries including France, Germany and the United States. Dedicated to technological innovation, Nomacorc manufactures its portfolio of products using a patented co-extrusion process. As a result, Nomacorc closures provide consistent, predictable oxygen management and protect against off-flavors due to oxidation, reduction or cork taint. Nomacorc’s 100 percent recyclable products are available through a vast network of distributors and sales agents on six continents. With 500 employees worldwide and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, Austria and China, Nomacorc produces more than 2 billion closures annually. Working with renowned wine research institutes worldwide, the company leads the wine closure industry in fundamental and applied research into oxygen management in wine. For more information, visit or follow Nomacorc on Twitter and Facebook.

About Total Wine & More
Total Wine & More operates 73 wine superstores in 11 states. The company’s vast selection of products, combined with low everyday prices and expertly trained wine associates, brings a unique shopping experience to the consumer. Total Wine& More has the distinction of being Beverage Dynamics’s 2008 Retailer of the Year, Market Watch’s 2006 Retailer of the Year and Wine Enthusiast’s 2004 Retailer of the Year. Since opening its first store in 1991, Total Wine & More has been committed to being the premier wine retailer in every community it serves. For more information and store locations, visit

About TerraCycle

Founded in 2001, TerraCycle is the world’s leader in the collection and reuse of nonrecyclable post-consumer waste. TerraCycle works with over 30 major brands in the United States (and in a growing number of other countries) to collect used packaging and products (chip bags, candy wrappers, juice pouches, pens, toothbrushes, etc.) that would otherwise be destined for landfills. It repurposes that waste into new eco-friendly materials and products that areavailable online and through major retailers. The waste is collected through TerraCycle’s Cork Brigade programs, which are free fundraisers that pay schools and nonprofits for every piece of waste they collect and return. For information on how to join a TerraCycle Cork Brigade and on buying TerraCycle products, visit

1 April 2011 - Felicity Murray