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Diageo shakes up market with BiB cocktails

Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, is launching a ready-to-serve cocktail dispense system for Smirnoff Mojito.

Using Rapak bag-in-box technology, this convenient solution allows bars to serve high quality cocktails at an attractive price point and margin. The font and bag-in-box provides an easy ‘plug and play’ system which does not need any technical expertise in draught systems or cocktails.

The proven bag-in-box filling system ensures a hygienic transfer of product while newly developed additive free polyethylene film combined with a polyester  laminate provide a flavour neutral contact layer and effective barrier protection for extended shelf.

The cocktail range, which offers 67 servings per pack and includes Smirnoff Mojito, Pampero Mojito and Cacique Mojito, was launched after several successful tests.  By the end of 2011 it will be distributed in 12,000 bars and restaurants across 11 countries in Europe.  It has enabled the Smirnoff brand to widen its product footprint and drive sales in new consumption occasions.
Sales are already impressive.  For example on-trade outlets in Ireland have seen an average rate of sale of 66 serves per week, which translates to a 5% share of the whole spirits category.  Central to this commercial success is the cost efficiency, operational simplicity and effectiveness of the bag-in-box packaging solution.

Smirnoff Mojito in bag-in-box is a simple, convenient solution allowing bars to serve high quality cocktails at an attractive price point and margin.



1 January 2011 - Felicity Murray