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Sales of whisky and beer glasses rocket

Dartington Crystal says it has seen sales of its spirit and beer glasses rocket suggesting more people are choosing to skip the local pub in favour of the home bar. And items from Dartington’s Wine Master and Wine Essentials ranges have been knocked from the top spot, indicating grapes are no longer flavour of the month.

Looking at web sales between 01 November 2010 and 28 February 2011, three of the top 10 selling products were whisky glasses with the number one ‘Classic Single Whiskey Glass’ out selling the second placed product (Armchair Spirits Brandy Swirler) almost twice over.

Beer proved ever popular with beer and larger glasses from the companies Drinking Gifts collection ranking third and tenth respectively.  Port glasses were the sixth most desirable which is perhaps indicative of the season, though other winter favourites and previously top selling items - red wine glasses - were notably absent. Remarkably white wine glasses came in at number seven.

In addition to over 50 drinkware ranges, sells more than 30 ‘living’ collections including vases, clocks, candle holders, bowls and more. However, just two non-drinkware products made it into the top ten - Daisy and Anemone – both vases from the company’s award winning Flower Bottle collection, yet further highlighting the trend for kitting out the home-bar.

Richard Halliday, marketing director for Dartington Crystal commented, “Drinkware has always been popular and is in many ways the backbone of our business. Nonetheless, we have been surprised by the popularity of spirit and beer glasses which, not only supersedes sales of our previous top sellers - Wine Master and Wine Essentials - also supports the theory an increasing number of us are choosing to entertain at home.

“This is demonstrative of the financial climate - with consumers rejecting costly evenings-out in favour of more budget-friendly options - as well as the season which will have also played a significant role. But there does appear to be a cultural shift too with consumers moving away from the attitude of ‘cheap and cheerful’ virtually disposable homewares, and returning to belief in investing in quality, life-long-owned goods” - top 10 best-selling products:1. Whisky Collection - The Classic - £20
2. Armchair Spirits Swirler - £22
3. Drinking Gifts - Ultimate Beer Glass  - £15
4. Dimple Double Old Fashioned - £40 per pair
5. Flower Bottles – Daisy - £42
6. Wine Essentials – Port - £11 per pair
7. Wine Essentials - White Wine - £12 per pair
8. Flower Bottles – Anemone - £37
9. Whisky Collection - Classic Whisky Gift Set - £49 per pair + water jug
10. Drinking Gifts - Ultimate Larger Glass - £15  
Dartington Crystal partners with Royal Salute Scotch whisky

Devon based Dartington Crystal has teamed up with the world’s leading luxury Scotch whisky brand, Royal Salute, to produce stunning, hand-crafted decanters for the brand’s most prestigious blend – Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute.

Working exclusively with Royal Salute, Dartington Crystal - the last surviving volume glass makers in the UK - makes each exquisite decanter by hand at its workshops in Torrington. Using the finest midnight blue crystal, each piece is decorated with 18 carat gold and crowned with a cut crystal stopper.

Neil Hughes, managing director for Dartington Crystal commented, ''It is a pleasure to be working with Royal Salute whose name is as synonymous with craftsmanship and quality as our own. To fulfill the exacting and superior requirements of such a prestigious brand is testament to the unique hand-crafting skills we have ourselves nurtured and developed for more than 40 years.

“It has been some time since a British crystal company has worked with such an internationally renowned brand, so I feel proud we have been able to keep the operation entirely UK based, especially given that the product is aimed primarily at the Asian market.”

Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute will retail for the duty free price of US$2,200.

Neil Hughes concludes, “In the UK Dartington Crystal is an established name in quality gift and homewares, but increasingly our reputation precedes us on the international market too. So, to be involved with such an exclusive and international product, yet further demonstrates the command bespoke British-made products continue to hold in the global market”. 

About Dartington

Originally named Dartington Glass, the company was established in 1967, in Torrington, Devon, as a manufacturer of quality glassware. Over the past 43 years Dartington has developed and evolved many ranges of crystal and glassware based on its key skills of design and glassmaking.








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