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Parker praises Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider

Domaine Pinnacle, the world’s leading producer of ice cider, was recently praised by Robert Parker Jr., arguably the most influential English-speaking wine critic in the world.

In a recent interview with Francois Chartier, one of Québec’s top sommeliers and wine writers, Mr. Parker commented:

“When the sommelier at the restaurant served me, he served what was the (Domaine) Pinnacle (Ice Cider)... I think sometimes people who are from Québec perhaps don’t realize that this is a world-class product. This is a product that you could put on the table of a very sophisticated restaurant in Singapore or in New York or Los Angeles, people would say “Oh my God this is good!””

To hear the complete interview, or read the transcript, visit

About Domaine Pinnacle
Domaine Pinnacle is a family-owned orchard located on the southern slopes of Pinnacle Mountain in Québec’s picturesque Eastern Townships. Founded in 2000, it has rapidly become the world’s leading producer of ice cider – the apple equivalent of grape-based icewine. Born of the unique combination of sunny summer growing conditions and frigid Québec winters, this rich amber coloured elixir has won the hearts and palates of connoisseurs worldwide. For more information, please visit

1 July 2011 - Felicity Murray