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Breathing new spirit into an old favourite

International design agency Blue Marlin has given one of Bulgaria’s most popular drinks a sleek new look. The redesigned Peshterska Grozdova Rakia will make its debut May 2011.

Briefed to create a contemporary classic, Blue Marlin had to tread a fine line between updating the packaging and husbanding the brand’s long-standing values, which are cherished by both the brand owner, Vinprom, and its consumers. Rakia, which is the national drink of a number of Balkan countries including Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Turkey, is a very traditional market and giving a much-loved brand like PGR a makeover requires careful handling.

PGR is a premium drink positioned at the top end of rakia market, unlike sister brand Yambolska, which is an every day drink with an every day price point. Blue Marlin added embossing to the bottle to dial up the quality cues and a bright green to pep up the label.

Blue Marlin Bath creative director Chris Hart comments: “The new look is all about evolution and enhancement – radical redesign was not an option. We needed to protect the essence of the brand, while gently updating it. We have made it look much more modern and of the moment, but in such away as not to offend its loyalists.”

Bulgarian rakia Yambolska Grozdova
Blue Marlin also redesigned the packaging of Bulgarian rakia Yambolska Grozdova. The new livery makes its debut in March. In Bulgaria the rakia category is crowded and fiercely competitive with international brands from other countries making inroads into the market. The challenge for Blue Marlin was to create a distinctive new look, whilst emphasising the products tradition, heritage and quality.



1 April 2011 - Felicity Murray