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Gin mixes in London markets

Beefeater London Dry Gin has launched another limited edition expression, this time inspired by London’s food markets. Developed by master distiller Desmond Payne, Beefeater London Market Gin will be available in key global markets, including Spain, UK, Turkey and Bulgaria.

A vibrant, refreshing gin with the addition of berry-like notes from pomegranate seeds, a soft citrus tone from kaffir lime leaves and a touch of spice from cardamom pods, which softly perfume the gin without overwhelming it.

To take advantage of the exotic fruit and spice flavours Beefeater brand ambassador Tim Stones has developed a series of delicious new cocktails and punches including ‘Kaffir Lime-ade’, ‘Pommy Punch’ and ‘Portobello Punch’:

Kaffir Lime-ade
50ml Beefeater London Market Gin
25ml lime juice
15ml kaffir lime leaf syrup
Soda water

Method: Shake and strain. Top with soda water and blocks of ice. Garnish with lime wheel and kaffir lime leaf

Pommy Punch

300ml Beefeater London Market Gin
500ml Riesling or Gewurztraminer wine
500ml pomegranate juice

300ml lemon juice
1 tin of lychee with syrup
Big handful of seedless red grapes (halved)
2 lemons (sliced)

Method: In a large bowl place sliced lemons and halved grapes. Cover with tin of lychee and pour over lemon juice and gin. Leave to steep in a cool place for a while. When ready to serve, add blocks of ice and top with wine and pomegranate juice.
Garnish with lemongrass.

Portobello Punch
300ml Beefeater London Market Gin
500ml good quality cider
500ml cloudy apple juice

300ml lime juice

1 tin of fruit cocktail with syrup

2 green apples (sliced)

2 limes (sliced)


1 July 2011 - Felicity Murray