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Stolichnaya launches travel retail products

SPI Group showcased a wide variety of new Stolichnaya Vodka products at TFWA Cannes 2011, and introduced the latest addition to its wine portfolio, Achaval-Ferrer.

Stoli Chocolat Razberi

The New flavour Stoli Chocolat Razberi is being launched in a limited-edition screen-printed bottle, starting in the USA and Travel Retail followed by launches in all key markets.  This sensual combination of fresh raspberries and warm vanilla-cocoa notes is an appealing new flavour complementing the existing portfolio of flavoured vodkas.

Elit by Stolichnaya Pristine Water limited edition

This limited edition will retail for US$3,000 in the USA, Travel Retail (selected international airports) and key markets around the world. Utilising the purest water sourced from the Himalayas,this is, the company says, an outstanding vodka of the highest purity. 300 numbered bottles will be available, made from ultra-premium hand-blown Bohemian crystal and enriched with a golden cap in the shape of an ice pick and a golden ring on the base of the bottle. Each bottle will be presented in a luxurious wooden and leather case.

Stolichnaya Gold

This revamped, super-premium vodka, Stoli Gold has new packaging that will highlight its multi-award winning status and quality with a new label featuring the Stolichnaya logo above the black and gold scripted reference to the its 500-year-old production methods. The re-branded, high-quality vodka will be available in key markets including Israel, Lebanon, Austria, Jordan, Canada, Turkey and the US, as well as the key Travel Retail markets.
Premyr Mixology Collection

The master distillers at Stolichnaya have collaborated with leading mixologists to create the Premyr Mixology Collection, an inspired collection of vodkas, including Blood Orange & Basil, Lychee & Rose and Ginger. The flavour infusions help to create a range of vodkas that elevate the cocktail experience and re-define flavoured vodka.


Following the majority share acquisition of premium Mendoza-based winery Achaval-Ferrer in April, SPI Group will alsoshowcased this range for the first time at Cannes. The acquisition represents an outstanding opportunity for SPI, which is also a shareholder in the premium Frescobaldi wine business in Italy (Tenute di Toscana) together with Michael Mondavi.



1 November 2011 - Felicity Murray