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Royal Salute pays homage to the exceptional

Scotch whisky Royal Salute has crafted a blend – Tribute to Honour - to pay homage to the oldest crown jewels of the British Isles: The Honours of Scotland. The narrative of the Honours comprises glorious legends and intrigue and remains a powerful and inscrutable ode to Scottish history. Royal Salute Tribute to Honour marks a historical pinnacle in whisky making.

The most exquisite, precious and scarce whiskies used to create Tribute To Honour, have been carefully selected from the Royal Salute Vault at Strathisla. Just 21 bottles of Tribute to Honour have been created by master blender Colin Scott.

Explains Colin: “Chivas Brothers has a phenomenal archive of high-aged whiskies, some of which, after decades of maturation, have acquired a rich intensity and deep concentration of sumptuous characters. It is these very few whiskies which I have personally selected to compose Tribute To Honour – this opulent and rarest of blends.”

Fittingly, only the finest aged whiskies – at least 45 years old – are presented in the spectacular bejeweled bottle, dressed by Garrard in flawless diamonds and shimmering gold.

As the world’s oldest jeweller to royalty Garrard has embellished the Royal Salute Tribute to Honour flagon - hand cast and perfected, black porcelain – with 413 flawless white and black diamonds. Some of these exquisite jewels form the shape of the Sword of State: one of the trilogy of treasures that are The Honours of Scotland. Set in gold and silver, 22 carats of gemstone adorn the decorative collar and stunning flagon’s visage. Golden lions sit either side of the diamond encrusted sword.

Craftsman at Garrard have spent days perfecting each flagon by hand. The prestigious jeweller has served six successive British monarchs and pays tribute to the ancient Scottish Sword of State as its landmark.

Each flagon of Royal Salute Tribute to Honour will be available from September 2011. The bottles are individually numbered and priced at US$200,000 excluding taxes. One of the 21 bottles will be kept in the Royal Salute Vault.

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Royal Salute
Royal Salute has a long legacy of paying tribute to nobility and leadership, it is part of the brand’s DNA

• 1953: Royal Salute created to pay tribute to Her Majesty the Queen’s coronation
• 2003: Royal Salute 50 Year Old launched for the 50th anniversary of the coronation, also paid tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary’s and Sir Tensing Norgay’s on the anniversary of their successful ascent of Everest
• 2005: Royal Salute 38 Year Old launched – a tribute from Scotland, inspired by the Stone of Destiny
• 2010: Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute launched paying tribute to the craftsmanship of four master blenders who have safeguarded the Royal Salute legacy
• 2011: Royal Salute Tribute to Honour launched, the most notable and compelling symbols of Scottish royalty

Chivas Brothers
Chivas Brothers is the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of Pernod Ricard – the world’s co-leader in wine and spirits. Chivas Brothers is the global leader in luxury Scotch whisky and premium gin. Its portfolio includes Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s, Beefeater Gin, The Glenlivet, Royal Salute, Aberlour, Plymouth Gin, Longmorn, Scapa, 100 Pipers, Clan Campbell, Something Special and Passport.

In July 2010 Chivas Brothers launched The Age Matters campaign to help consumers understand the importance of Scotch whisky age statements.

Garrard was founded by master goldsmith George Wickes, who received his first royal commission in 1735. By the time the firm had passed into the hands of Robert Garrard in 1802, whose name it still bears, creating designs of matchless magnificence for the social and royal sects had become a matter of course. Garrard's seductive collections can be found today at its flagship store on London's Albemarle Street and or on display in the permanent exhibition in the Tower of London, where the Crown Jewels reside. Celebrating a 275 year anniversary this year, Garrard's legacy of devotion to the highest degree of workmanship has been the company's trademark since the first designs drew the attention of the world. Garrard continues to passionately embrace the past by creating tomorrow 's heirlooms today.


Royal Salute master blender Colin Scott and Stephen Webster reveal Royal Salute Tribute to Honour

1 July 2011 - Felicity Murray