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Château de Pellehaut launches 'taster' gift

With such a diversity of taste in its wide range of Armagnacs, the family run Château de Pellehaut, situated in the Armagnac Tenarèze appellation zone, has just launched a 'tasting' case of six of its specially selected Armagnacs.

For more than three centuries, the Béraut family has owned the 530 hectare farm and now it is brothers Martin and Mathieu Béraut who run the estate together which includes 250 hectares of vines for the Pellehaut wine and Armagnac, whilst the remaining land is used to raise local Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle and cereals. The land is managed in a traditional way with respect for nature where the use of chemicals is limited and the manure from the cattle is used to fertilise the vineyards.

Six tubes each containing 6cl are the perfect gift for those wanting to discover Armagnac and explore the great diversity that this noble spirit can offer.

Château de Pellehaut Blanche (new AOC white armagnac) that is crystal clear as it undergoes no ageing in oak. The Blanche is perfect as a base for original cocktails or pure with smoked fish, chacuterie, cheese or oysters.

100% Folle Blanche grape 44% abv.

Château de Pellehaut 10 year old – A blend of several vintages of which the youngest is 10 years old. A light yellow colour with orange highlights, some hints of oak on the nose and a touch of vanilla and cinnamon. In the mouth it is spirited and straightforward. An elegant and floral armagnac.

100% Folle Blanche grape 40% abv

Château de Pellehaut 15 year old – A blend of several vintages of which the youngest is 15 years old. Golden yellow colour with lightly toasted oak on the nose and the palate.

100% Ugni Blanc grape 40% abv

Château de Pellehaut 25 years old – A blend of several vintages of which the youngest is 25 years old. A beautiful amber colour with hazelnut and gingerbread on the nose. In the mouth it is full flavoured with hints of liquorice and toasted oak.

100% Ugni Blanc grape 40% abv

Château de Pellehaut Reserve de Gaston – A blend of the best barrels of Ugni Blanc of more than 20 years old and Folle Blanche of more than 10 years old. Fresh grapey aromas; apple and plum crumble with custard! Open and light on the palate with creamy chocolate notes and berry fruit. Crisp, clean and fruity.

50% Ugni Blanc and 50% Folle Blanche grapes 42% abv

Château de Pellehaut Vintage 1973 – This single vintage armagnac has been aged for a minimum of 37 years in Limousin oak barrels. Notes of undergrowth, cinnamon and fresh walnuts. Very soft and long on the palate and marked by a subtle hint of ripe prunes and quince.

100% Ugni Blanc grape 45% abv






1 October 2011 - Felicity Murray