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Novel concept for new wine brand

A new wine brand,, is launching in the UK to challenge the way people think about wine and engage with a new generation of consumers. This break-through concept linking wine to web and carrying a strong environmental message is designed to appeal to those put off by the tradition, heritage and perceived old-fashioned elements of many wine brands.

It is the brainchild of Thys Louw, one of the driving forces of the 'new generation' of South African winemakers and sixth generation of Louw family winemakers at Diemersdal Wine Estate. Passionate about sustainability, Thys decided to create a brand to engage with and encourage his own generation to take the necessary steps to preserve the precious resources of the planet for future generations. By harnessing social media and the power of the internet through his website, Thys wants to encourage education and discussion about environmental issues and promote sustainable living.

He explains, “By developing a brand with a name that combines both the grape variety and the website url, we have created a unique vehicle for spreading the word about all things good and green. My aim is to build a strong online community of green advocates to reach out to others who share the same values and of course a love of great wine.”

The first release in the range, a 100% Sauvignon Blanc 2011 from vineyards in the Western Cape, will launch in Tesco in mid August, priced at £8.49. However Thys’ vision is to develop to become a pan-national brand. “It is a wine without borders, wherever I find great Sauvignon Blanc – whether locally or abroad – I will be able to produce wine under this label,” he says.

The slick, contemporary packaging incorporates a number of innovative design elements highlighting the brand’s digital connections, such as the pixels incorporated into the leaf on the label. The pixel theme continues onto the capsule, which is topped with a USB sign, and the back label includes a network connection and motherboard motif in the shape of Africa. is available to the UK trade via UK agent Thierry’s and will be available to taste at Cape Europe in October.

1 August 2011 - Felicity Murray