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A roaring success for Suduiraut

October 2011 saw the launch of ‘Les Lions de Suduiraut’ – a new style of wine from Château Suduiraut, the 1er Cru property that lies in the heart of the Sauternes region of Bordeaux.

A new style because – while still being a classic Sauternes, made from hand-picked grapes with ‘noble rot’ – it is fresher, fruitier, and more vibrant than its traditional counterparts. A wine created, in fact, for a younger market. One ready to explore new wines, new ways to drink them, and new foods with which to match them.

‘Les Lions de Suduiraut’ is totally versatile – perfect as an aperitif, perhaps with some salted nuts, olives or smoked salmon canapés, while still having the depth and gravitas to partner puddings and blue cheese.  It’s a wine for all seasons, all times and all places. Formal or informal, the choice is yours……

 This skilful, contemporary blend of lightness and vigour, combined with that voluptuous elegance for which true Sauternes is renowned , is made possible by the unique and  diverse terroir of Château Suduiraut.   The vineyards have a rich mineral seam as well as granite, sand and clay soils, enabling the winemaker Pierre Montégut to select a palette of small lots with varied characteristics to create his assemblage.

The result is something very different for the world of Sauternes.  ‘Les Lions de Suduiraut’ , with its dramatic  gold label featuring the rampant lions of the Chateau’s crest,  will bring new, younger drinkers to this famous style of wine – as well as those discerning drinkers who will appreciate its versatility, and unusual contrast of freshness and  rich elegance.

‘Les Lions de Suduiraut’is available internationally via key negociants at a UK recommended retail price of @ £15.




1 October 2011 - Felicity Murray