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Pera joins O2inWines

Le Matériel Pera, based in Languedoc-Roussillon, France, a manufacturer and distributor of harvest reception, pressing and cooling equipment has joined the international association of oxygen management in wines O2inWines as premium member.

Since 1896, this family business has grown into one of the major wine equipment suppliers globally. Two years ago, the company opened up an R&D department entirely focused on winemaking issues, with a particular emphasis on oxygen-related problems. The mission of this division, in which several oenologists do work today, is to really take into account winemakers’ demands, to help them achieve better performance and quality in their wines.
Jean-Luc Favarel, Head of Research at Pera says: “The impact of oxygen starts from the very beginning of the winemaking process: oxygen is present from grape reception at the winery through pumping and pressing. Today Pera continuously improves its machines to favour protection against oxidation. We have been collaborating with renowned partners, throughout the world, such as the IFV, the ICV, the Catholic University of Santiago do Chile or the ETS Laboratories in California, to set up and validate working protocols. We intend to share these research works with the O2inWines members.”
Sylvain Houard, key account manager at Artenius Pet Packaging Europe and O2inWines general secretary, explains: “The arrival of Pera will be of great benefit to the O2inWines association, as their expertise applies to the very first stages of winemaking. Their worldwide reputation and the collaborative research they have implemented worldwide will help the O2inWines members improve their knowledge in terms of oxygen management and better understand the effects of oxygen right after harvest reception at the winery and how this can affect their own research initiatives”.

About O2inWines
O2inWines is an international nonprofit association created by industrial and academic leaders in the wine industry. It is composed of suppliers and service providers to the wine industry, all leading innovators in their fields and heavily involved in researching oxygen management. World-renowned researchers underscore the quality of the research programs facilitated by the association. The objective of the association is the promotion of scientifically based solutions for oxygen management challenges in the wine industry. O2inWines is based in Toulouse, France. For more information, visit





1 January 2011 - Felicity Murray