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Ergonomic closure for on-the-go consumption


Tetra Pak has introduced DreamCap, an ergonomically designed closure specially for on-the-go consumption. The cap’s high neck and its over-the-edge design offer the drinker easy access to the spout and a comfortable fit to the face and lips.

Tetra Pak has also identified, from consumer research, how people like to drink beverages while on-the-go. The DreamCap’s large (26mm) opening and ridge engage the lips improve control of the liquid flow into the mouth.

DreamCap will initially be available on the Tetra Prisma Aseptic 330 Square size, providing in a visually appealing and highly portable package, ideally suited to on-the-go beverage consumption.

The cap can be integrated to TBA/19 packaging lines by purchasing the new CAP 30 Flex


1 March 2011 - Felicity Murray