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Bols launches alcoholic foam


Maxxium UK has launched in the UK an alcoholic foam that can add an unusual and exciting element to cocktails, single serve drinks, sparkling wine, sodas, coffees and even desserts.

Bols Foam keeps its hold for up to 15 minutes and is available in six different flavours. These include three for cocktails and mixed drinks:  Banana, Blue and Crème de Cassis and three for after dinner moments: Amaretto, Peppermint and Cacao White.

Bols Bartending Academy’s global ambassador and head trainer, Rob Rademaker says: “Lucas Bols is the first and only company in the world to introduce instant foam from the bottle . . .it makes molecular mixology accessible to all and brings true innovation to drinks presentation, producing new taste sensations for the consumer and enhancing the creative potential of Bols Liqueurs.”

1 October 2011 - Felicity Murray