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Craft gin has winning Scottish appeal

Spencerfield Spirit Company’s Edinburgh Gin has been awarded Best Drink at the Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards. It is a family business based in Fife, run by Alex and Jane Nicol. Their gin, launched in June 2010, has also been awarded Gold in the SIP Awards and Bronze in the recent San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The gin is produced in small single batch distillations in an ancient hand beaten Scottish copper pot still using traditional botanicals, such as juniper berries, citrus peel and coriander seeds, to which is a Scottish twist is added with pine, heather and milk thistle. It’s generally bottled in quantities of 5,000 bottles or less.

As the 1920s are known as gin’s golden era, the packaging has an art deco feel to reflect this period of cocktail parties and drinking sophistication. RRP: £25.50.


1 May 2011 - Felicity Murray