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Iceberg vodka floats into the UK


Iceberg vodka is being introduced in UK following its success in becoming a ‘lifestyle brand’ in Canada, were it is produced using the very pure water from small icebergs that come detached from glaciers. First launched in 1995 by Newfoundland Liquor Corporation, it is now being rolled out in European markets by Signature Lifestyles (SLL).

Iceberg is being placed as a premium brand with a unique production process, and is rapidly gaining listings in high level venues such as; Nobu Berkeley, Nobu London, Zuma, Roka and Raffles.

The packaging is distinctive with the cold, rugged power of icebergs represented by a masculine, square bottle with the appearance of having been chiselled from a block of ice.

Iceberg is distributed by SLL alongside Furniss Roe and Nichols, Coe Vintners, Drinks Shop and Vodka Emporium (RRP £26.99, 40%ABV) and available, to date, in Canada, US, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain.

1 March 2011 - Felicity Murray