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Lightweight paper pallets are ISPM15 exempt

Producing 100% recyclable pallets from sustainable waste paper, The Paper Pallet Company began production this spring at a new 40,000sqft facility in Northamptonshire, central England, where a fully automated line is capable of producing 4,000 pallets per shift.

The new pallets weigh only 5kg, compared with an average wooden pallet of 23kg, thereby saving nearly a tonne in weight on an average 42ft curtain sided lorry with 52 pallets on board. The paper pallets come in all standard European and US sizes, and their robust construction and strong ‘honeycomb’ deck means they are capable of lifting a tonne of product, with a stacking strength of 10 tonnes.

“The pallets are good news for exporters too,” says the company’s sales director Rob Poole. “They are exempt from the ISPM15 certification and can travel freely to any part of the world. The light weight means they also make savings to those who airfreight their products, particularly now whilst there is a fuel surcharge based on weight.”

Other advantages to paper pallets are that there are no nails or splinters to cause injury whilst being handled, and they are delivered stretch wrapped to ensure they arrive clean and hygienic.





1 June 2012 - Felicity Murray