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Devilish new tequila from Tom Conran

Restaurateur Tom Conran has launched a super premium tequila – Tequila Chamucos – distilled from 100% weber blue Agave with water drawn directly from the mountain rock, Classical music is played during the double distillation process, which is undertaken by women only, due to “their natural lightness of touch”. 

Chamucos means ‘little devil’ in Mexican. The glass bottles are hand blown and the packaging design draws upon the folkloric and mythological legends of pre-Hispanic Mexico. The Oscar-nominated Mexican film director Antonio Urrutia, famed for his arthouse pornographic thrillers, such as I Murder Seriously and Of Guts and Heart, originally conceived Chamucos, with his artist friend creating the edgy label in honour of the renowned satirical caricaturist, José Guadalupe Posada [1852-1913].

Tom Conran has teamed up with Master Distiller Wilfrido Ortegas Casas who learned his craft at the legendary Siete Leguas Plant under the tutelage of Francisco Alcaraz, who created the first Patron Tequila.  Their collaboration on Chamucos is perfectly timed, as tequila consumption has trebled in Britain in the last decade, with the highest demand being for 100% pure Agave tequilas.  These smooth spirits are for sipping not slamming, and are at the forefront of the tequilology trend currently developing in Britain.

A lifelong tequila enthusiast, Tom owns Crazy Homies, one of Europe’s few tequila lounges. This is his first drinks project which he will run alongside his three other establishments in London’s Notting Hill: Tom’s Deli, a speciality delicatessen and café, The Cow Saloon Bar and Dining Room, an award-winning traditional pub and Lucky Seven, an American diner. 

70cl/40%abv Anejo (aged 18 months on oak), Blanco (unaged) and Reposado (aged 7 months in oak) RRP £50-60/bottle.



1 July 2012 - Felicity Murray