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First white rum from Plantation

Cognac Ferrand, producer of the Plantation Rum portfolio, imports aged rums from around the Caribbean and Latin America to be refined for a second aging in its own Cognac barrels, a technique only performed by Ferrand. Now, for the first time, Plantation Rum introduces its first white rum - Plantation 3 Stars, named in honour of the three rum-producing stars of the Caribbean from which Plantation 3 Stars is crafted: Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. Launching in the US in September, Plantation 3 Stars (41.2%abv) will retail for approximately US$24.99 for a 1 litre bottle.
Almost every rum company offers a white rum. But Cognac Ferrand proprietor Alexandre Gabriel wanted to make one that stood out from the rest using aged and un-aged rums and the company’s exceptional Cognac blending skills.

Gabriel says: “Most white rums on the market today are either too neutral and too vodka-like or too rough and rustic. We wanted a rum that shows character, elegance, complexity and a great finish – the ideal rum for cocktails. Blending is not a science, it’s an art because you are working with a product of nature. In Cognac, to become a great cellar master and blender it takes 20 years of practice and training. This is the know-how we bring to Plantation 3 Stars.”
For Plantation 3 Stars, Gabriel chose a 3-year aged Trinidad rum, carbon filtered to maintain its white colour and to remove the heavier tannins while preserving the aromatics developed and refined by aging. Un-aged rums from Barbados and Jamaica are blended, along with a 12-year aged rum from Jamaica.

Each rum in the blend brings its own characteristics. Says Gabriel, “This is the beauty of blending. You can capture the best of each – Trinidad brings elegance and refinement, Barbados brings character and aromatics with fruit notes without being too heavy and Jamaican brings the funk, the touch that makes it a complete product.”

"We wanted character and personality, but didn’t want it to be too heavy because it our goal was to make a balanced and elegant rum exceptional for cocktails," said Gabriel. "We found the perfect balance for Plantation 3 Stars at 41.2% alcohol by volume."
The Plantation portfolio:

The Classics
• Original Dark Overproof 73% – Trinidad (Caribbean) SRP: $29.99/750ml  
• Grand Reserve 5 Year Old – Barbados (Caribbean) SRP: $19.99/750ml
20th Anniversary – Barbados (Caribbean) SRP: $39.99/750ml

The Historical Vintages

• Trinidad 2000 Vintage (Caribbean) SRP: $34.99/750ml
• Barbados 2000 Vintage (Caribbean) SRP: $34.99/750ml
• Jamaica 2000 Vintage (Caribbean) SRP: $34.99/750ml

The Exotic Vintages

• Guadeloupe 1998 Vintage (Caribbean) SRP: $64.99/750ml
• Guyana 1999 Vintage (South America) SRP: $59.99/750ml
• Panama 2000 Vintage (Central America) SRP: $39.99/750ml

Plantation Rum is produced by Cognac Ferrand, which has offices and production premises at Château de Bonbonnet in Ars, France. Its brands are distributed in more than 40 countries and include the Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Citadelle Gin, Mathilde Liqueurs, Plantation Rum, Landy Cognac, Cerbois Armagnac and Daron Calvados.  W.J. Deutsch & Sons is the importer of the aforementioned brands to the US.

1 August 2012 - Felicity Murray