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Agave Nectar enhances skinny offer


June 2012: Funkin, the fruit purée brand, is set to launch a 100% organic Agave Nectar in packaging specifically designed with bartenders in mind.

The Agave Nectar contains 40% fewer calories per serve than standard sugar syrup and is a low GI sweetener, so it will meet the increasing demand for skinny cocktails across the UK on-trade.

Derived from Mexican blue agave plants, it has a light and mild flavour, ideal for mixing. It also has low viscosity, which allows it to pour consistently from the bottle and speed-pour and dissolve quickly in cold liquids.

Agave Nectar is available alongside Funkin’s five-strong range of syrups, including two new flavours, Mint and Vanilla and existing flavours, Grenadine, Passion Fruit and Sugar Cane.

The flavoured syrups will be packed in 50cl bottles and sugar cane in a larger 70cl bottle. Agave Nectar is sweeter than regular syrups, therefore packaged in smaller 36cl bottles.

1 June 2012 - Felicity Murray