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New generation of one-way PET kegs

Lightweight Containers has introduced the first in a new range of technologically advanced one-way PET kegs.

The cylindrical KeyKeg20 has new Double Wall technology, which provides greater resistance to the internal high pressures caused by highly carbonated beverages.

Like its predecessors, the KeyKeg20 houses a flexible multi-layered inner bag that contains the wine or beer. The drink is dispensed by pressurizing the space between the bag and the outer wall. The beverage consequently stays in good condition as it does not come into contact with the propellant gas when it is dispensed.
The manufacturers claims that the new one-way kegs will be extremely resistant to external influences as they can withstand very high temperatures during transport in hot climates and moisture has no effect on them.
More than half (54%) of the KeyKeg’s shell is made from recycled PET, while the grip is 100% recycled PP.

The cylindrical shape provides improved logistical qualities – 80 cylindrical KeyKeg20 units fit on one pallet. This shape combined with its low weight mean that 65% less transport is needed for the cylindrical KeyKeg compared to steel and other kegs.

The KeyKeg has an ergonomic grip, is lightweight and extremely stable. It also takes up even less space than its predecessor and fits easily in existing cooling cabinets.

The fully automated production line in Den Helder, the Netherlands, has a capacity of 400 KeyKegs per hour.

Jan Veenendaal, CEO of Lightweight Containers, said: “The current KeyKeg is already a quality leader in this market. The fact that we’ve decided to introduce a new generation of KeyKegs has everything to do with our vision for the future. We think in terms of the total supply chain.”

Bert Hanssen, R&D director of Lightweight Containers, added: “We have worked continuously for two years to develop the Double Wall technology and the cylindrical KeyKeg20. We wanted to make a cylindrical keg for a long time, but we couldn’t get it to meet our high requirements for deformation, resistance to damage and high internal pressure. Newly developed PET-processing technologies like laser cutting and ultrasonic welding suddenly brought the cylindrical shape within our reach. This enabled us to fulfil all the wishes of the entire supply chain in the design of this KeyKeg.”

This successful one-way keg comes in 20- and 30-litre versions. Breweries, wineries and other beverage companies all over the world already use this one-way keg, which is especially suited for carbonated as well as still beverages.

About Lightweight Containers
Lightweight Containers is well known for the one-way 20- and 30-litre KeyKeg The company is part of the KeyKeg consortium that started producing KeyKegs in 2006. The consortium consists of six leading companies in the packaging industry.  Together they develop, produce and sell the KeyKeg and guarantee the continuity and quality of the KeyKeg concept. Lightweight Containers is within the KeyKeg consortium responsible for R&D, Sales and Marketing, Schoeller Arca Systems for Production, Assembly and Stockholding, while Scholle Packaging takes care of the inner bag assembly. SIPA produces the moulding machinery and tooling while M + F KEG-Technik produces the filling machines. DSI develops and produces the dispense systems.

20 November 2012 - Felicity Murray