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Casa Sauza unveils its first Extra Añejo

Casa Sauza, a family of tequila brands in the Beam portfolio, has introduced Casa Sauza XA, Edición Limitada (40% ABV).

This addition to the Casa Sauza range is the brand's first global extra añejo expression and it's launch comes in response to the growing interest among consumers for more refined tequilas. Casa Sauza XA will be sold at fine liquor and retail establishments in the US and Mexico, as well as duty-free shops around the globe.

“Limited-edition bottlings and special small batch, premium expressions are among the most significant new developments in the tequila category. Casa Sauza XA is an exciting addition to our portfolio,” says Gigi Dadan, global tequila marketing director at Beam.

An ultra-premium, limited-edition tequila that embodies three generations of tequila making experience and innovation, Casa Sauza XA is crafted from Weber blue agave plants hand-selected by Sauza’s expert jimadores and master distillers. With a pale golden amber hue, the distinct aroma of jasmine, hibiscus, almonds and chocolate resulting from three extra years in new toasted barrels, Casa Sauza XA maintains Sauza’s characteristic fresh agave notes while offering a refined tequila experience. Casa Sauza XA, Edición Limitada is crafted at Sauza’s operations in Tequila, Mexico.

“With its extra age and rich, smooth finish, Casa Sauza XA, Edición Limitada is like a fine cognac or whisky,” says Victormanuel Martinez, Casa Sauza executive chef and sommelier. “When served in a nosing glass, the aroma of Casa Sauza XA unravels, captivating the senses to deliver a refined, one-of-a-kind tasting experience. It’s perfect when paired with coffee or rich desserts, such as tiramisu, black forest cake or even pecan pie.”

A rare offering, only 12,000 750 ml bottles have been produced, including approximately 1,800 bottles for the US. Bottled in an elegant glass tequila decanter accented with a distressed leather strap and metal buckle and housed in a signature box, each bottle is individually numbered and has a suggested retail price of approximately US$150.


28 December 2012 - Felicity Murray