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Johnnie Walker collaborates with Porsche

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has unveiled the availability of a limited edition bespoke private bar anda colection of bar items designed by Porsche Design Studio.

The collection comprises a personalised private bar and a range of bar accessories in fashionable soft touch materials and brushed titanium with matte silver screen printing – the hallmarks of Porsche Design – combined with the square blue bottle and signature slanted label of the whisky brand.

At the centre of the collection this year is a new look Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle, featuring bespoke labelling designed by Porsche Design Studio, and available with a series of one-off desirable pieces, including the Carton, the Chiller, the Mini Cube and … the Private Bar. 

The made-to-order private bar is available from £150,000. Crafted from some of the finest materials, combining classic and contemporary design into a piece that blends form and function, it is targeted at luxury home, penthouse and yacht owners.

Rudy Paoli, MD, Diageo Reserve, said: “The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition Collection design by Porsche Design Studio showcases an evolution of the modern design aesthetic synonymous with the partnership, while reinforcing our brand’s design cues. This year, we combine materials of timeless appeal with a range of personalisation possibilities.

“Tapping into the design genius of Porsche Design Studio, we have developed a range of covetables that are designed for greater shelf visibility as well as game-changing bar serves, driving greater consumer conversions. We believe this year’s Collection will create further cut-through and drive awareness and sales for both our brand and customers.” 

The Mini Cube "designed to re-engineer a bold new whisky experience", comes with two crystal Glencairn glasses, ice tongs, and a lid which, when inverted, doubles as an ice bucket.

The Casks Edition is exclusive to the travel retail market.  It features the Casks Edition whisky in a unique bottle and pack featuring a matte silver screen printed footer label to show its differentiation from the main Collection Limited Edition Bottle.

The Chiller, made with the soft touch modern materials and brushed aluminum, is shaped to mirror the slant of the signature Johnnie Waker label. The case lid, when inverted, transforms into an ice bucket.

To find out more about the Porsche Collection collaboration, visit the YouTube channel:


5 November 2012 - Felicity Murray