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Whyte & Mackay launch The Journey

Whyte & Mackay launched a new version of its Mackinlay’s malt at Whisky Fest in New York. Known as ‘Shackleton’s whisky’, the spirit is a replica of the century old whisky found under Ernest Shackleton’s hut on the Antarctic. Following the success of its original recreation, the Glasgow based distiller has launched a follow up called Mackinlay’s The Journey.

Mackinlays The Journey contains different malts from the original recreation but tastes exactly like the original replica and the 100 year old whisky. But the packaging has changed dramatically to signify that it is a different product, and instead of a wooden crate the bottle comes wrapped in “straw” like the original bottles found under Shackleton's hut. This is contained in a box designed to look similar to the packaging used by museums to ship precious artefacts.

26 October 2012 - Felicity Murray