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Terrapure process for creating private labels

A new process, developed by Terressentia in the US, which cleans and refines spirits after distillation, as well as rapidly ageing, filtering, purifying and flavouring, is being introduced in the UK.

The technique is claimed to “transform ordinary spirits into outstanding ultra-premium spirits significantly quicker and at a lower cost”.

It is natural process that has been independently proven to reduce unwanted congeners and induce a conversion of certain fatty acids to esters (glycerides), thereby creating a much smoother mouth feel and enhanced taste and flavour. It  can also be applied to flavouring spirits to ensures flavours are combined at a level where they do not separate in the glass or bottle. So long as there is a natural flavouring available, the process can flavour any spirit with any natural flavour, the company says. TerraPure reduces the need for extensive aging or multiple distillations, therefore lowering costs and allowing retailers to increase their profit margin.

Terrapure has also been winning over spirit connoisseurs having scooped medals for brands at international spirit competitions such as the SIP Awards, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the International Beverage Exposition and Competition in China.

Alasdair Coutts-Wood, commercial director comments: “We know words like revolutionary and ground-breaking are strong words but we don’t use them lightly. Our aim is to produce the world’s highest quality and best tasting spirits in a significantly faster, more efficient, and lower cost way and with both science and human taste tests backing our claims we are confident we are well on the way to achieving our aim.”

How does the process work? "Terrepure a patented process which cleans and refines spirits, using a completely natural process, after the standard distillation process is over. It does this by using ultrasonic energy-driven oxidation to complete reactions that fail to complete during the primary distillation, and avoids the time-consuming and less efficient processes of filtration, re-distillation, or barrel aging."

Does anyone else use this technology? No, Terrepure is unique. Our technology is a completely new and natural process which has been independently proven to reduce unwanted congeners and reveal a smoother, more refined spirit.

Does TerrePURE just make spirits cleaner? "No, Flavour infusion is another part of the TerrePURE process. Most flavoured spirits sold today are simple mixtures – colours and flavours blended in prior to bottling. This type of mixture often “falls apart” in the bottle or glass, resulting in an unpleasant taste and unappealing appearance. This “falling apart” is often accelerated in mixed drinks or those served over ice. By using ultrasound we obtain a more perfect mixing of the distillate and other ingredients right down to molecular level. This means that our products remain mixed permanently and does not fall over later on when poured or left standing. Our master blender and her staff have a great deal of experience in selecting and blending numerous flavours from all over the world, which gives us the unique ability to produce the world’s best tasting flavoured vodkas, rums, tequilas, and more."

What scientific tests have been done? "In 2010 the College of Charleston Chemistry Department ran tests which showed that the Terrepure process reduces the amount of congeners, particularly isobutanol, amyl alcohols, propanol, and methanol, present in distilled spirits. It has also been shown to reduce free radicals by up to 70%. The following graphs show the results."

What are the benefits of private labeling? "Private labeling of a line of distilled spirits allows a retailer to promote its own brand identity, increase brand credibility with high quality product, and increase profit margins without upfront costs or prohibitive minimum orders."

Who would benefit from private labeling? "Anyone who sells spirits and wants to create their own brand can do so with Terrepure. This includes restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise liners, off-licences, Duty Free stores, airlines, caterers and event venues."

2 November 2012 - Felicity Murray