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Mongolian vodka launches in duty free

APU, Mongolia’s first national brand and owner of the Chinggis Khan trademark is to launch Chinggis Khan Original Mongolian Vodka into global travel retail markets during 2013.

Made with wheat from Selenge on the Mongolian Steppes and distilled six times with pure Alpha grain spirit, Chinggis Khan Vodka is then filtered for over 500 hours using charcoal, quartz, diamonds, black pearls and silver. The source of the water is the melted snow running down across the land from the sacred Bogd Khan Mountains.

APU is now privately owned company. Chairman Purev Batsaikhan comments: "Our company respects the natural minerals and ingredients offered up by nature, and using the most advanced technologies available, is now creating a range of products to reflect the true purity and spirituality of our great land."

2 October 2012 - Felicity Murray