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Webb deVlam illuminates Bombay Sapphire

The electro global travel retail pack is the latest in a series of limited edition gift packs designed by Webb deVlam for Bombay Sapphire.

Following on from designs that have played with optical illusion and surface effects, Webb deVlam has again pushed the boundaries in packaging technology by using electroluminescence on the carton with the help of German packaging manufacturer Karl Knauer.

The illustration by Yehrin Tong, which has been a consistent motif for the brand’s ‘Infused With Imagination’ message since April 2011,  has been reproduced using electroluminescent ink. The electrical current is conducted from a battery on the base of the pack, which uses a hidden mechanical switch to activate it. When the pack is picked up, the current runs through the various pathways illuminating them sequentially thereby creating a cascading effect. Each cycle of animation is 18 seconds long at which point the sequence stops until activated again.

2 October 2012 - Felicity Murray