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Minimum unit pricing attacked from all sides

The WSTA is asking why the UK Government is pressing ahead with its plans for minimum unit pricing, as a new report questions the credibility of the modelling used to support the policy.

A report published by the Adam Smith Institute today argues that ‘the (Sheffield) model is based on unreasonable assumptions which render its figures meaningless’ and concludes that ‘the predictions based on the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model are entirely speculative and do not deserve the exalted status they have been afforded in the policy debate.’

WSTA CEO, Miles Beale says: “On top of opposition from Cabinet, Europe, consumers and a legal challenge in Scotland, this latest research from the Adam Smith institute identifies fatal flaws in the modelling used to support minimum unit pricing. Given the significant questions being raised about the evidence base for minimum unit pricing, and increasingly broad opposition, the Government should think again before pressing ahead with this ill-thought through policy.”

26 November 2012 - Felicity Murray