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New Stelvin increases wine makers choice

Amcor Flexibles Capsules, the manufacturer of Stelvin aluminium screw caps and liners, has launched Stelvin Inside: a completely new range of four different liners for wine.

The company says this marks a “watershed moment in the history of screw caps for wine” as the new range doubles the wine maker's choice of oxygen transmission rate (OTR). Each of the four new liners has a different OTR target, which ensures a low level of oxygen dispersions allowing consistency from one bottle to the next.

All the films used in the liners are produced by Amcor and are PVDC-Free. The liners are manufactured by development partner MGJ, a leading container seal specialist.

The four Stelvin Inside were launched at last week’s Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in California.

4 February 2013 - Felicity Murray