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Martell XO takes flight

After the ‘Shape your World’ campaign aimed at establishing Martell XO as an “ambassador of great achievers”, the brand has created a new platform – an uplifting film inviting viewers to ‘Rise Above’.

This new global campaign pays tribute to Martell’s heritage though its emblem, the swift. Legend has it that in 1715, a swift led Jean Martell to Cognac, where, at only 21 years old, he founded the great Cognac house. The film portays the swift as a symbol of a person’s potential to achieve great things. Through the campaign, Martell XO invites people to spread their wings and take flight.

The film, directed by James Gray, features a bespoke soundtrack, performed by members of the London Symphony Orchestra and mixed by Oscar winning sound engineer Etienne Colin

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1 January 2013 - Felicity Murray