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Vodka launches in single serve pouches

Good Time Beverages, the US producer of single-serve, RTD cocktails in re-sealable FlexPouches, has launched an Ultra Premium Vodka produced from American grain and four times distilled. The 40%abv product is packaged in 20cl pouches with an RRP of US$2.99 for a single pouch and US$11.99 for a four-pack.

"Our goal was to introduce a high-quality, American vodka product to the market, that was also 'green' and budget-friendly," says Robert Whyte, CEO. “Our use of the pouch is not only eco-friendly, but also easy on the wallet. The pouch allows our super smooth vodka to stay reasonably-priced, as we've side-stepped all of the bells and whistles of frosted bottles and fancy designer names, that don't do a thing for the taste of the vodka featured in most other vodka producers' glass containers."

The new product joins Good Time Beverages' Bob & Stacy's Premium Margarita and Big Barrel Spirits range – all "bar quality", full-proof, cocktails in pouches. Good Time Beverages has product distribution in 17 states, with plans for further expansion in 2013.

22 January 2013 - Felicity Murray