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Scotland’s First Sake Professional

Arran Brewery’s managing director Gerald Michaluk has successfully completed the course and examination to become Scotland’s first Certified Sake Professional.
Gerald completed a course in Japan earlier this year and has now received his certificate from the Sake Education Council.  The course involved tasting over 100 sakes of all quality bands and learning how to brew Sake as well as visiting some of Japans largest and smallest Sake Breweries.
Gerald said: “The course was eye opening and I learnt a great deal about Sake and how it is made as well as being given the opportunity to taste some of the world's best Sake. I am grateful to Business Gateway for their support and I hope to put this training to good use over the coming months. The course was excellent but I was surprised to find brewers from Norway actively making Sake and successfully selling it to Japan.
Sake is the national drink of Japan and as they now make some very acceptable whisky which they sell here. I felt it's time for us in Scotland to make some Sake and sell it in Japan. I must admit though I was a little taken back to find the Norwegians were already doing it but there is room for more Sake Breweries and Arran will be happy to fill this gap in the Japanese market.
The Arran Brewery will be launching the first Scottish made Sake towards the end of the year.

8 March 2013 - Felicity Murray