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Whisky and water…Bowmore reveals the truth

Bowmore, the Islay single malt scotch whisky, has introduced a ‘water programme’ for key on-trade accounts worldwide

The Bowmore Water Program is a global whisky and water education program featuring hand-crafted water dispensing units and staff trainings to key on-trade accounts around the world.

The program has been designed as an educational tool for the trade – and ultimately consumers – that explains what the addition of water does to your Bowmore whisky and that this practice is not an aberration as some might think, but can bring about another level of sensory (smell, sight) and gustatory (taste) experiences when enjoying a single malt. The Bowmore Water Program will roll out spring 2013 in the UK as well as North America and Asia.

The centerpieces of the Bowmore Water Program are the hand-crafted water dispensing units, which the distillery believes could be a showpiece in any bar. Training will be provided to bar staff along with the Bowmore’s Water & Whisky Guide that describes in laymen’s terms the chemical reaction and science behind adding water to whisky.

The dispensers
Tier I: The Water Safe – hand-crafted and individually numbered, this copper water dispenser is inspired by the great spirit safe that resides within the Still Room of Bowmore Distillery. The Water Safe will ideally sit in a place of prominence behind the bar and will create the ultimate in water dispensing theatre.

Tier II: The Tilter – hand-made and individually numbered, The Tilter is a more fun and quirky dispenser that tilts on an axis and allows a fine flow of water to be dispensed from one side or small droplets from the other.

Cara Laing, Bowmore marketing manager, says: “We are very aware of the great debate surrounding the addition of water to whisky and wanted to tackle this head on. We’ve created these innovative and beautiful water dispensers in the hope that people will discover for themselves their favourite way to enjoy their single malt, whether with or without water!”

Rachel Barrie master blender worked with Cara Laing to develop the program, not to tell people how they should drink their whisky but to give whisky-lovers an option to explore and let them make up their own minds.

19 March 2013 - Felicity Murray