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Kilbeggan gets a new look and US market push

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey toasts its 256-year history

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, which comes from Ireland’s oldest operating distillery, has unveiling a new look this month and launching a 360-degree marketing campaign.

The distillery, has survived and thrived for more than 256 years and now, the brand, owned by Beam Inc, is getting its first US marketing push with print and digital executions, OOH creative and on-premise events which commenced on St Patrick’s Day.

A focal point of the US campaign includes an online video series, featuring humorous antics undertaken by local Kilbeggan residents who are distraught over their beloved Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey no longer being just for the Irish. The series of 6 videos can be viewed on the brand’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

The first video, ‘Tight Knit’, features a Kilbeggan resident, Darren, who now obsessively knits to cope with the potential supply ramifications of the US buying more Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey.   

The second video shows a Kilbeggan resident worrying about her husband Paddy’s stockpiling of Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey. Additional videos will roll out from this week (end of March).

"Irish Whiskey is quickly becoming the popular spirit of choice for many Americans, so now is the perfect time for us to let our secret out,” said Bob Gorman, director of marketing for World Whiskeys at Beam Inc. "With our new campaign and packaging, Kilbeggan is now primed to contribute to the continued growth of the category.”

Kilbeggan is a premium blended Irish whiskey that is crafted with the finest hand-selected grain and barley.  Unlike other Irish whiskeys, it is double distilled to retain more flavour, using a 180-year-old pot still to produce a smooth, highly approachable whiskey with distinct character that offers whiskey lovers a step up from the standard. 

The whiskey’s new packaging, which is rolling out across the US and Germany, reflects the quality of the liquid inside and the rich history of the brand.

International brand design agency, Bulletproof, were appointed to the refresh the packaging in June last year. Bulletproof were also tasked with creating a brand marque for the Kilbeggan Distilling Company that could feature across the complete brand portfolio.

Inspired by its distillery and the unique brand cues hidden within, the packaging features a new label whose copper colour and shape are representative of the 180-year-old pot still used to make the whiskey.  Additionally, an image of the distillery and its old water wheel are the focal point of the design, along with the year the whiskey was founded, 1757. 

27 March 2013 - Felicity Murray