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Kingsland installs faster labelling solution

Kingsland Wines and Spirits, based in Manchester, UK, is an independent company that specialises in the packing, importing, bottling, storage and distribution of wines and spirits from around the world.

The company bottles and packs in excess of 81 million litres of customer own label and own brand products every year.

After identifying a requirement to introduce on-line print and apply outer pack labelling at speeds of up to 46 packs per minute, Kingsland has installed eight Markem-Imaje, 2200 Series labelling machines. The labeling machines are linked via the site’s wireless network to the computer business system where all the label information is centrally stored.

Kingsland required a solution that was fast, accurate and flexible and would be common across all their production lines. Coupled with the need for a long lasting printhead and compatibility with the existing business system, It also needed to be a robust, practical solution that would require minimal training for operatives.

The 2200 print and apply series from Markem-Imaje provided the accuracy, flexibility and compatibility that Kingsland required.

Nigel Smith, company project manager for Kingsland Wines and Spirits, says: “To ensure production line speeds and overall efficiency, Kingsland required printers that could be moved easily between production lines in the event of failure, which minimised stoppages due to roll changes and could be serviced by local engineers when necessary. Using the 2200 Series from Markem-Imaje with its larger 560m label and ink rolls has enabled Kingsland to reduce line stoppages due to roll changes by 25%.

“On the fastest production line, two printers are used which allows an automatic changeover to be made, removing the need for operator intervention, reducing errors and increasing line efficiency.

“The type of printhead used was another important consideration for Kingsland. Unnecessary costs had been incurred in the past due to the frequency at which it was necessary to replace printheads. The longer than average lifespan and internal configuration of the 2200 Series printhead – produced by a single supplier – makes the 2200 Series a cost effective printer for Kingsland.

“The modular design of the 2200 Series also means that maintenance work can be carried out quickly, with minimal impact on the production line and because the 2200 Series can operate effectively on all of Kingsland’s production lines, printers can be moved to different lines whenever required. With over 300 employees based at the Manchester site, this makes it easy for all operators and technicians to manage any production line and helps Kingsland Wines operate more efficiently.

“It was also important to find a supplier who could provide software compatible with Kingsland’s business system, to design and download label information. The CoLOS Enterprise software installed by Markem-Imaje provided a solution that has been easy to use, networking and operating multiple printers over the site’s wireless network.

“Markem-Imaje has proved to be a responsive, trusted partner, making regular visits to ensure the 2200 Series and CoLOS Enterprise software are providing Kingsland Wines with the most effective solution.”

The 2200 Series from Markem-Imaje is designed to be over 95% recyclable and is compatible with recyclable label backing or liners that would otherwise be disposed of in landfill. This reduces the cost otherwise incurred by landfill tax and improves environmental performance.

In standby mode, the 2200 Series power consumption is below 35 watts and at maximum throughput is 135 watts, helping to reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions.


1 April 2013 - Felicity Murray