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Award for viable reclosable bevcan concept

A concept for a reclosable beverage can was recognised with an award at the Munich Business Plan Competition, which is hosted by Evobis, an organisation with that supports and awards innovative business ideas of start-up companies. Held once a year, the competition consists of 3 steps, each one a competition of its own. The beverage can, 'can2close', was one of 10 winners out of 169 submissions in Step 1.

Munich-based Can2close, founded in 2012 by Andreas Kleiner, Robert Kruetten and Moritz von Grotthuss presented its “c2” resealable end, a new mechanism that replaces the standard stay-on tab opening of beverage cans with a simple mechanism that is easier to open and can be repeatedly sealed – a feature present on plastic bottles and other types of beverage containers but that is not yet well solved for cans.

Since the 1960s, many inventors have attempted to solve the riddle of the resealable can, but even the most-promising solutions were too technically complex or not economically viable to integrate into the internationally-standardized filling processes. The last significant change to the soda can, in fact, was the stay-on tab, launched in 1974. It replaced the ring-pull and reduced litter and the risk of injury. Now, some 40 years later, there is a solution that further evolves the can and meets the needs of today’s market.

Can2close´s patent-pending solution offers a number of advantages for the consumer, including the ability to portion canned beverages and easily transport them after the first opening. The resealable end also keeps drinks fresher, prohibits unwanted contaminants and reduces the risk of spilling.

The plastic mechanism can be opened with one hand and is fingernail friendly, while the larger opening releases more aroma and flavour (especially important for beers and ciders) and is usable with a straw.

The solution offers beverage brands a new innovation and a great branding possibility, as the shape and colour of the closure components are customisable. Can2close also states that filling companies can easily integrate the resealable end into established filling processes.

“We are very honoured.” says Andreas Kleiner, CEO of Can2close. “This award, in combination with the excellent feedback we have received from leading beverage manufacturers, confirms that we have found a major business opportunity with a product that will evolve an industry.”

In September 2012, Can2close received the Silver award in the Prototype category of the “Cans of the Year Award” in Tokyo.

4 April 2013 - Felicity Murray