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Cellar Trends takes on Underberg spirits

Cellar Trends has been appointed to distribute and enhance brand recognition in the UK for a trio of spirits brands managed by Underberg.

From May 1, Cellar Trends will take on the responsibility for building sales in the on and off trades for Asbach, the German brandy, Pitú, one of Brazil’s biggest selling cachaça, and Xuxu (pronounced zhoo zhoo), a strawberry and vodka liqueur.

Underberg herbal digestif is not part of the new agreement and remains with its existing distributor.

Terry Barker, Cellar Trends director of marketing, says:” These are quality brands, each with a loyal following. They fit well into our portfolio of well-known spirits and liqueurs.

This appointment recognises our experience and proven ability to grow brands in a tough competitive climate. Our strengths in the on-trade and leadership in the cocktails arena made Cellar Trends a logical choice for all three products. “

Asbach was first distilled in 1892 by Hugo Asbach in Rudesheim, Germany and is today recognised as the premium spirit of that country. Twice distilled, Asbach is a high quality German grape brandy matured in 300 litre casks of Limousin oak.

Pitú is one of Brazil’s biggest brands of sugar cane spirit, a key ingredient in the Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil. Made from freshly cut sugar cane, Pitú has been distilled in north-east Brazil by the same family for 75 years.

Xuxu is a strawberry and vodka 15%abv liqueur made from a strawberry mash and vodka. It contains 66% fruit with 500g of strawberry mash per litre.

8 April 2013 - Felicity Murray