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Flower inspired Absolut bottle by Kinsey

Since 2011, The Absolut Company has been running a global creative movement known as Absolut Blank which features top artists from around the world. The latest limited edition Absolut Vodka bottle has been designed by one of these artists, Dave Kinsey.

The flower-inspired Absolut Vodka Blank Edition by Dave Kinsey features an explosion of bright colours and darker-hued washes that reveal Kinsey’s roots as a street artist while highlighting his extraordinary fine art skill. It depicts something natural, a flower with the vibrancy and energy of the city.

“I recently moved to the Sierra Nevada mountains from Los Angeles. Nature hits you differently up here. I’m interested in the way the city imagination interacts with nature. There’s a struggle between the urban and natural worlds, and it’s unknown how it will play out. Exploring that interaction made sense in the context of Absolut Blank, says Kinsey.”

“Everything Kinsey does is bold, vibrant and filled with creative energy. That’s the spirit of the Absolut brand,” says Nodjame Fouad, global marketing director at The Absolut Company. “It will really stand out on the shelf. We’re thrilled with the collaboration.”

Absolut Blank gave 20 artists a blank bottle-shaped canvas, and asked them to fill it in with creativity. Dave Kinsey was one of the featured artists, and his work has been showcased in print, outdoor advertising and TV.


15 April 2013 - Felicity Murray