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Surrey brewer to launch Hazy Hog cloudy cider

Hazy Hog cider (5% abv) is the latest in a succession of new offerings planned by the Hogs Back brewery in Surrey, UK. Hazy Hog, which is presently being trialled on draught in pubs owned by The Red Mist Leisure group (£1.95 per half pint) with encouraging early results, will be launched in a 50cl bottled format later this month.
Hogs Back Brewery has crafted the cider in partnership with Thatchers in Somerset, another family owned company focussed on developing drinks with distinctive flavour. It is a refreshingly cloudy, medium dry, full flavoured English cider made from 100% bittersweet apples, and fermented in oak barrels to intensify its taste. Further apple juice is added post fermentation to give it a fresher apple taste and naturally cloudy appearance.

Hogs Back’s Chairman Rupert Thompson comments: “It is quite a leap for a micro-brewer, and for the image of Hogs Back Brewery, to be designing and marketing our own cider. Both the cider itself and the packaging needed to be very different - there was no point in us doing the same as everyone else. A naturally hazy cider with this particular taste profile will set Hazy Hog aside in a fast growing sector where drinkers are looking for something different and where they are prepared to pay a little more for a drink that is seen as better and more natural. It is the complete antithesis of many of the sweeter flavoured ciders and so provides a very different and complementary customer offering for stockists.”

“The Hazy Hog name was developed after a Facebook competition produced over 150 suggestions, but the brewery‘s own staff won through in the end with the winning ‘Hazy Hog’ as it gave cues to cloudiness wrapped up in a friendly farmhouse feel.”

Hogs Back stands for traditional, local, country values with a big focus on ingredients, so the packaging was very important. The design is a bold approach, with a feel of rough apple-crates enhanced by a stencil effect to give the style of direct printed bottles. The colours chosen are bright with strong standout, combining freshness with warmth.

The Hogs Back Brewery is an independent brewery based in Tongham, Surrey. The original brewhouse was part of an 18th century dairy before expanding into a pig sty and other farm buildings. It originally took its name from the ancient roadway and trading route between Guildford and Farnham, the Hog’s Back, today less romantically known as the A31. The brewery was established in 1992 by Martin Zillwood-Hunt and Anthony Stanton-Precious. Previously, Martin had had his own courier company, whereas Tony was a land surveyor/cartographer. From January 2012, Rupert Thompson, former chief executive of Refresh UK, one-time brewers of Wychwood and Brakspear beers, is the new chairman of Hogs Back Brewery after acquiring the interest of Anthony Stanton-Precious.

22 April 2013 - Felicity Murray