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Elements 8 launches Criollo Cacao rum

Following the success of its barrel infused spiced rum, launched in 2010, Elements 8 has created new rum that has been barrel infused with Criollo cacao beans.

Launched in the UK, through Elements 8’s distributor Mangrove, the new expression is delicate and sophisticated. The rum is created from a blend of fine St Lucian pot and column still rums and Criollo cacao beans, which have been infused in the rum for 3-4 weeks. Indigenous to St. Lucia, the Criollo cacao bean is the finest bean available and imparts its rich, dark cocoa flavour to the rum, creating a dry, smooth new variant that complements the [e]8 range of rums.

Carl Stephenson, director Elements 8 rums, comments: “We decided to use Criollo cacao to add a chocolate flavour to our finest aged rums while staying true to the brand’s distinct characteristics.

 “The infusion stretches the rum’s appeal; it can be drunk as a single serve chilled with a twist of orange peel or in a wide array of classic cocktails including Espresso Martini, Daiquiri and Old Fashioned where it adds a subtle cacao flavour and accentuates the flavours in the base rum. This is a sophisticated rum that needs to be subtly balanced with other ingredients in cocktails and I look forward to tasting the creations of mixologists.”

Elements 8 rums are produced by using the best quality molasses from perfectly ripened, hand selected Guyanese sugar cane and chill fermented in batches using three unique strains of yeast. Each batch is then distilled using one of three separate distillation methods – pot, column, and bourbon pot stills. Ageing takes place in single use premium Bourbon barrels for between three to six years, at bottling the rums are cut to 40%abv using water naturally filtered through volcanic rock sourced from the pristine rainforest.

Other product in the elements 8 range: [e]8 Gold, [e]8 Platinum, and [e]8 Barrel Infused Spiced.

25 April 2013 - Felicity Murray