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Wild Pelican selects protected quality cans

Wild Pelican has opted to repackage its canned French white and Spanish red wines for the UK market in cans from Ball Packaging Europe that feature a 'protected quality' seal protect the taste of the wine.

Ball Packaging launched its 'protected quality' airtight and light-proof seal for wine in cans at the 2012 London International Wine Fair, claiming that it ensures a shelf-life of 12 months.

The 20cl slim aluminum can is equipped with a specific internal coating (lacquerspec) and an increased metal gauge to ensure a long shelf life. The slim 20cl or 25cl aluminium can is suitable for all wines.

Ball said that it has demonstrated that wine in cans has the potential to deliver good taste and quality as the container is completely airtight and light-proof, and generally well-suited for protecting beverages.

The matt lacquer lends the cans an elegant finish and the colour-coordinated tab makes for a design highlight.

Wild Pelican’s wines come from wine growing regions the world over. For the red wine, Wild Pelican has opted for the Tempranillo grape from northern Spain. The wine is redolent of red berries and is an outstanding match for red meats, especially lamb and game. The white is a vibrantly fruity wine from the Gascony region in France. It has peach scented aromas and lively citrusy flavour with a pleasant acidity.

The Wild Pelican brand originated out of a love for wine with the aim of creating a wine that is easy to understand and enjoy. The brand presents an ideal fit with the active lifestyle of modern young consumers who are not traditional wine drinkers but are interested in new high-quality products. At a time when the number of one-person households is continuously increasing, beverage cans represent the optimum ‘single serve’ packaging choice, allowing people to enjoy their favorite wines anywhere and anytime — at the beach with friends, on a picnic in the park or with a fine meal at home.

Read also our interview in October 2009 with Caroline Ruijg, commercial director at Vinovation International, brand owner of Wild Pelican, about the inspiration behind the brand.

9 May 2013 - Felicity Murray