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BrewDog co-founders to front TV show in US

Six hour-long episodes of BrewDogs will air this summer on new US TV channel, Esquire Network.

The cofounders of Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog, will present a new TV show about the craft beer revolution, premiering in the US this summer. James Watt and Martin Dickie are the subject of the eponymous BrewDogs, an hour-long show that will see the duo tour the world with their anti-establishment craft beer message. The six-part series has been commissioned by NBC/Universal’s new Esquire Network and will make up part of the channels flagship offering.

James Watt, cofounder at BrewDog comments: “We want everyone to be as passionate about beer as we are, and BrewDogs will help us to bring the craft beer revolution to an even bigger audience. This is a series about the life and soul of beer – not the insipid, shallow, advertising-led industry run by global mega-corporations, but the passionate, crazy, awesome brewers that are constantly reinventing, innovating and smashing conventions.

“This may be a programme where the producers let Martin and I do anything that pops into our unhinged minds, but it’s also one we hope will inspire people to become craft beer converts.”

The first season of BrewDogs will see James and Martin travel across the US, reporting on craft beer trends and scenes, teaming up with their US contemporaries to brew some bizarre beers with unconventional methods and ingredients. The beers will include the most caffeinated beer in the world, beer brewed on a fast-moving locomotive and the first real steam beer: a beer designed to be consumed as fog.

Martin Dickie, cofounder at BrewDog and co-presenter of BrewDogs adds: “In some ways it’s a homecoming. American craft beer is what inspired James and I to become brewers in the first place. These are our heroes, and we get to brew some of the most insane beers in the world with them.

“I’m not sure why anyone in their right mind would give us a TV show – we’re two badly dressed brewers from North-East Scotland – but now we’ve managed to convince someone it’s a good idea, we’re definitely going to make the most of it.”

BrewDogs will feature some of the most acclaimed, and eccentric breweries in the US craft beer scene, including Stone, Anchor, Elysian, Deschutes, Victory and Oskar Blues. The series debuts on Esquire Network in late summer, with a UK air date yet to be confirmed.

3 June 2013 - Felicity Murray